Benefits of using e-Photocopy


Without removing DRM, print your ebook by using the software of e-photocopy version 2.0. It is the best way to print your ebook once photocopying it electronically. Acting as a real photocopy machine this software is the best tool to copy an ebook page by page. By turning it into PDF it completes the procedure of copying. By sending the PDF file to the printer it will print your ebook simply. Your system must have a connection to your printer. For this purpose you need to open the file in the program in which you want to read the book. This software is highly efficient in photocopying the ebook. During the process of photocopy, do not use your computer for other program because it works like a photocopier machine.


Features of e-photocopy version 2.0

For containing the modified technology this version is highly innovative and incredible for improved efficiency.

  1. Integrated with Kobo eReader, Windows Amazon Kindle, Chrome Google ebook, Chrome Windows for your system
  2. Offers More e-book readers supported such as Adobe Digital Edition, Acrobat Reader for Windows,
  3. More fast Easier to be used
  4. Compatible with Windows 10
  5. Best resolution for PDF output
  6. Detects ebook automatically
  7. Photocopy automatically
  8. Option for choosing the folder for saving the file
  9. PDF regeneration of the last copy process
  10. Resizing of the area to copy with the mouse
  11. Selection of screen automatically

Where to avail the software?

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