How to Protect your Brand as Author Using Google Alerts


Just think about if someone mentions his or her name on your book even without your permission or having copyright of your book. In this short article you will get a review how to be protective.

You could find situations through which to engage with those that think efficiently or negatively with respect to your works.

Essentially, you would have complete access to all things on the internet including you, your books, or your brand.


How to Setup Google Alerts

A while ago, Google developed free service called “Google Alerts. “

Basically, you tell Google what words or phrases you need it to monitor and whenever those words or phrases are mentioned on the net, Google will warn you.

This is employed for research or for news feeds, but for us writers, it can be an immediate path to engagement opportunities.

What Should a Copy Writer Monitor with Google Notifies

In many cases this will rely upon your situation. However, here several potential alerts that most freelance writers should think about using:

  • Name of your book
  • URL of your website
  • Genre keywords
  • Your Goal Keywords
  • Your Pen Name or Author Name
  • Name of your publishing company
  • Name of your competitor’s publication

Now, go and protect thyself!

Setting up a Monitoring service for my author brand was one of the main steps I made as a new author.

The five minutes it was a little while until to make my alerts was among the finest 5 minutes I use put in.

I have been able hook up better with my fans, and respond to my critics in track record pace. I use sgained amazing.

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