Using the Surveys to sell a Large Number of Books


If you are writing for children you have to face many challenges, however you will have chance to market to the parent along with children. Now the question is how we can attract people to buy the book before even publishing?

It is looks tricky but have simple way to promote your book… start getting relevant questions about their relevant interest they will help you to get an idea about the upcoming book.

In this regards today the surveys websites are helping people…


There are many online survey tools available that help you to know the thoughts of your target market by interacting with the creation of my book.

It will help you to increase the conversion rates also help you to drive your book to the top of the sales chart.


Remember? Usually some books got ended at the end of each all chapter in which you decide what will be the next? It will land to you to the totally new area in the book and read what happens in the storyline because of your choice. Then, towards the end of that chapter you would drive more attractive choices and the cycle would keep echoing until the key character passed away only to get ongoing on all over again.


Right now there are a several different survey websites and they all have talents and weaknesses. Here are some rundown of the providers I use got experience. There are some countless one’s away there, need are what I had the most knowledge with.

  • Google Forums
  • Type Forums

Choose the Cover

Getting famous is one of the great advantages of selling a book. You can create stunning looking covers for your book, try to create it in different styles and ask your friends to choose the one that looks more appealing and use it to make your book cover.

Sum up

Surveys are one of the important sources to get success to make your book popular even before publication. Not only do they let me leverage an email list for release but I also obtained to engage with my future readers on a weekly basis. Once you will try this you will realize how much useful this way.

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