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DarksLooking for a new book that’s really worth buying? Dark Shadow and Catastrophe is an amazing book for both young and baby boomers wanting to read something interesting. Written by James Keenan, the book revolves around an individual Patrick Kilian that the reader follows from being toddler to adult.

The book combines everything from suspense to entertainment and is a complete package to bring your boredom into an exciting mood. I myself was also struggling to find the right book a few weeks ago. My hunt wouldn’t have halted if I weren’t referred to this book by one of my old college fellows.

Firstly, I thought it would be a normal book with typical storyline, but I was totally wrong. It is full of suspense and drama you can’t find with any other book. The suspense starts when Patrick Kilian, the main character of the book, realizes that he has the special mission or destiny that will not only affect his life but all of the human beings.

Overall, the book is a really good one that can surely leave you quite stunned with its unique and thrilling storyline. I can bet that you won’t have any regrets buying this book. So, go get yours copy!

Below is an Amazon description of this book

‘’Dark Shadows and Catastrophe is the story of an individual that the reader follows from being a toddler to adult. As the life of Patrick Kilian takes place, the reader comes to learn that Patrick is plagued by what he believes to be the supernatural, only to later find out that his current life is not the only one he has lived and that the supernatural really is intertwined with what he always thought was just science fiction nonsense.’’

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