LEARNING TO LIVE THE MISSING ENDING [Collection of Short Stories] By Tshiloane Livett Super

The author opens his book about a young man who was shortlisted in a learnership to study a health-related course. The young man then after few weeks he fell in love with a married woman who was little bit older than him. They agreed on the terms about their relationship since they were having different reasons to do that. The lady moved in with the young man after multiple months. They enjoyed their love and after some time the lady separated with her husband claiming that her husband abused him and she was in good hand and healthy relationship with the young man. She got pregnant by this young man while they were studying together. Since she was graduated in financial management course she got the call from and went to be intern at a large hospital in that province. Out of the blue she turned to mistreat the young man whereby she cheated on him and claimed that she was never pregnant.

Junkie was invited to baby-sit two children as her mother was going to the funeral far from her place. He was rudely welcome by that children and slept with empty stomach. He never enjoyed that night as the young girl poured him with cold water. She framed that junkie as acted if he wanted to rape her.

The author proceed where by the boy was dreaming and thinking that indeed her mother was poisoned and he saw himself avenging his mother death. He woke up when in his dreams he saw his father raising Machete high enough to chop his neck; king was murdered due to his village as his sister and other well-known men in that village wanted to take the land from him by force; two friends that had born on the same day had quarrel on each other with words during building construction and at the end of the day when they knock off they went home holding each other’s hand as if nothing happened; there was this quest that visited his extended family unannounced and they treated him badly due to his father’ sins and his appearance.

In some parts of South African country witchcraft still exists and witches don’t see any problem when practising it, meet the young boy and her grandmother who were enjoying to bewitch poor people until one day where everything went wrong while they were in his neighbour’s home; a young lady fell in love for the first time and she was hoping to enjoy her relationship but things went sour as she force to do things she wasn’t ready to do. The worker who was shocked by lightning while working and fixing a transformer rose from the dead and revenge her death to the crowd that called her. And lastly the woman who became step-mother to the boy was forced to return back to her place due to poor moral and being abusive to the boy.

The following is the link of the author on amazon and comprised with the book: amazon.com/author/livett-tshiloane

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