Nick Sinclair, Pi: The Case of the Rothstein Murders


Nick-SinclairNick Sinclair, a former Chicago homicide detective, is attempting to face the bleakness of his reality as a down-on-his-luck private investigator when he finally catches a break. On a sunny August morning a beautiful woman enters his office, and Nick thinks his dark world has just become a little brighter. The woman hires Nick because she is convinced her husband is having an affair-and perhaps also plotting her demise. The PI prepares to immerse himself in what he assumes will be just another snoop-and-shoot job; unfortunately, he could not be more wrong. After a chance encounter leads him into a passionate relationship with a member of his client’s family, his quest for the truth lands him in the middle of a bizarre, high-profile triple homicide. He soon discovers that the finely honed skills responsible for bringing him quick arrests in the past are muddled by the fact that he is falling in love with the primary suspect. In this emotional roller-coaster mystery filled with twists and turns, a private investigator in the midst of a complicated case must make an agonizing decision: save the woman he loves, or let truth and justice prevail.

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