Stop Being Poor: A resource on how to become less financially dependent on debt, loans, and put yourself in a better financial situation

Stop Being Poor

The financial habits you develop today will affect the future you.

Today, if you spend money as soon as you get it, chances are that financial freedom is a distant dream and financial struggle is your reality.

How do I know? Because I’ve lived both realities. I was brought up in financial difficulty because my parents weren’t wealthy when they had me. But then I learned financial habits . . . Habits that helped to bring financial success and financial freedom into my life by using a very powerful method: spending less than what came in each month (the envelope system).

Financial habits start early, and the escape from poverty is real. In this book you’ll find out how financial freedom is possible for you too through financial habits.

Stop Being Poor

This book will show you how to go step-by-step from absolute poverty into financial wellbeing with the “Three Spheres” financial system. Here’s a quick glance what the three spheres are:

1) The Personal Sphere The financial sphere where your personal financial health comes first before everything else. It is about ensuring that your finances stay within a comfortable range of income and expenses each month, which means that you have surplus cash left over at the end of each month – money that can be used for savings or to invest occasionally in something profitable which would enable you to grow financially.

2) The Family Sphere This financial sphere is all about financial freedom for your family. It is about ensuring that your financial health grows with time and you continue to achieve financial wellbeing financially through the three spheres financial system. Financial wellbeing, in essence, means knowing how much money you have in savings and investments that can provide an income stream which will be passive enough for you not to worry about financial hardship when it eventually happens.

3) The Business Sphere This financial sphere is all about financial freedom for anyone who has a sideline business. This includes people who run their own business or part-time workers who have small side businesses or gigs on the side while working full-time hours at their 9-5 job.

In this book I reveal:

How financial habits resulted in financial freedom for me. I had to make financial mistakes before I was able to develop financial habits that helped to propel my financial situation from financial struggle and difficulty into financial prosperity and ease.

Step-by-step guides on how to establish the three spheres financial system which will help you move from poverty and lack of financial wellbeing into financial wellbeing within a short period of time (3 – 6 months). This is very easy to do. You don’t need complicated books or websites; it does not require an MBA, you only need this book!

The importance of budgeting with the three spheres financial system . it is the first thing I noticed when my finances started doing well. You will be shown how to budget and allocate money to your financial “Three Spheres”.

What financial freedom means and the importance of financial freedom. Many people believe financial freedom is when you have an abundance of funds, but financial freedom is much more than that. It is a mindset. It comes from financial wellbeing which has been achieved through financial habits and not just having lots of money in the bank or investments!

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