Young Anthony Wright is no ordinary kid in his neighborhood. At only ten-years-old, Anthony has found himself three different jobs in his community. When he isn’t helping Mr. Johnson sweep and cleaning his store or taking out the trash, he’s collecting bottles from his neighbors and friends. Who would have thought that a young boy could be so smart and savvy?


The truth is opportunities to make money and be your own boss are all around you, no matter how old you are, as long as you have the courage to make it happen. Navigating the art of the deal, Anthony strikes up his first partnership, where he engages other young boys in his community to help collect bottles while making money. From humble beginnings to the start of his very own business, Anthony quickly finds himself to be both busy and productive, and having fun while doing it! When he’s not pushing heavy carts up the hill or scouring the sidewalks for empty bottles, Anthony is saving up and dreaming about malt shakes, and all the wonderful things he can buy now that he’s in business. A fun tale about the benefits of hard work and the fun of being a child, Anthony’s story helps children build critical thinking skills and business savvy that will help them find success in their own endeavors. Follow along with Anthony as he starts his business and builds relationships that foster his success. Funny, smart, and creative, see the world through Anthony’s eyes as he turns his free time into money. Summer vacation will never be the same again as Anthony quickly learns the fundamentals of building a business and how to have fun while doing it. So what are you waiting for? Prepare for summer fun and grab your copy of Stolen Bottles: Fundamentals of Being an Entrepreneur today! Tagline: Being a kid has never been so fun! For one young boy, the world is full of opportunities to succeed!


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